CALILAB is notified by the Ministry of Health

Asociatia pentru Calitate in Laboratoare (CALILAB):

- "is competent to provide the activity of proficiency testing as detailed in the ANNEX to the accreditation certificate" No. IC-003, documents issued by the Romanian national accreditation body, the Romanian Accreditation Association-RENAR, and publicly available on and

 - Asociatia CALILAB meets the requirements of the standard SR EN ISO / CEI 17043: 2010 as attested by RENAR on the accreditation certificate No. IC-003


CALILAB is ISO 9001:2015 certified

For specialists by specialists

◉ CALILAB is a independent, non-profit, professional organization with 75 highly trained specialists in medical laboratories.

â—‰ Its purpose is to increase the quality of the activity of public and private medical laboratories for the general good of patients and society. It aims to do this by collaborating with professional organizations, institutions and authorities.

◉ CALILAB Association has been an independent EQA provider since 2006. It does not have any other commercial activities such as reagent and equipment distribution for the purpose of maintaining independent laboratory evaluations.